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In the Bleak Midwinter…

Snow has seemed elusive this year for Penicuik but that may change from tomorrow, Tuesday 11 February.

The MetOffice have issued many snow warnings for the region this season however the main party, the snow, has not played ball, with the majority of Penicuik having not seen any lying snow so far. However with it being the school holidays,  every parent is praying that if it is going to snow, it is going to snow this week. Well, you might just be in luck.

Here is your forecast for the coming days:

Tuesday 11 January

Tuesday will likely be the most wintery day that Penicuik has seen all winter. Whilst the details of where the snow will fall are still quite sketchy, it can be said that anywhere above 200m stands a chance of seeing some significant snow. That means if you live on Rullion Road between Deanburn and the A766, you stand a fair chance of seeing some lying snow. Howgate and Leadburn of course have the highest risk of lying snow, between 5cm and 10cm is possible.

So the forecast: Starting dry with sleet and snow moving across the region from 7am. After this wintery showers will be the main concern however the odd break in clouds can’t be ruled out. Another band, at this moment, mainly of snow will pass through Penicuik after 3pm. The BBC are warning of heavy snow around 3pm, 6pm, 7pm and 9pm. Conditions at these times could be very poor. With ground temperatures near freezing, accumulations are possible over high ground, however low ground will suffer mostly from ice. Snowfall may be heavy at times. You are advised that there may be disruption to your travel. A chilly day overall with a high of 3ºC and a low of -1ºC.

A small disclaimer, as the snow will fall from showers, the exact timing is unknown, it may even miss us completely.

[alert color=”663399″ icon=”9888″]Snow could fall around evening rush hour. The MetOffice are warning that it may be heavy and persistent leading to very poor driving conditions. Stay up to date on our Facebook and Twitter pages.[/alert]

Wednesday 12 January

Another dry start with broken clouds and sun. Moving through the day, rain will move in from about 3pm, perhaps showery at first but becoming more sustained throughout the evening. Again the risk of high elevation snow remains. Another below average day with a high of 3ºC and a low of 1ºC.

Thursday 13 January

Starting wet and remaining cloudy throughout. Warmer with a high of 4ºC and a low of 1ºC. Confidence is low so check with the MetOffice closer to the time. Friday looks set to start nice with some sun tapering to cloud then eventually rain, sleet and possibly snow.

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[Image © Edinblur, Flickr]