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There’s a Storm Coming

There’s a Storm Coming: It is Hunter and Lass week and is the one week of the year that the town hopes for some decent weather however those hopes could be dashed.

If yesterday’s weather wasn’t bad enough, we could also get the first taste of thunder and lightning this season.

The MetOffice have issued a yellow Be Aware warning for the second half of Monday which could see heavy isolated rain and hail showers along with thunderstorms moving across the region. These could lead to some localised flooding problems, especially around rivers which will all ready be above their usual level after Saturday’s heavy rain. However if you’re looking for some heat, you will not be disappointed as temperatures reach twenty degrees.

Continuing and Tuesday looks like it will be a pleasant day with the clouds breaking to produce some warm spring sunshine which will raise the temperatures to around sixteen degrees. This will be a recurring trend, however the temperatures will continue to slide as we move towards Hunter and Lass Day 2013.

Wednesday, as stated, will be cooler than Tuesday with broken cloud and some isolated showers. A high of twelve degrees is likely. It looks as if it will be dry for the Pram Race however there is some uncertainty.

Thursday will be much of the same but also slightly cooler, there may even be a ground frost in some areas which could be problematic for any gardeners out there. A high of only nine degrees.

We’re moving into the uncertain part of our forecast now so please take this with a pinch of salt as it will change.

The penultimate day of the Hunter and Lass celebrations will likely be the driest of the week with a pleasant high of eleven degrees though it will feel mild in the sun. Now we come down to the big day itself, Saturday 25 May. The jury is still out unfortunately however it is looking likely to be mild with some showers.

Please check our Facebook page for updates later in the week. In the meantime enjoy watching any storms we get and remember to drive to the conditions of the roads.