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Forecast: Bye Sun, Hello Average & Wet

Penicuik has today (Tuesday) been basking in glorious eighteen degrees weather however with the conditions set to return to the seasonal average, we begin to wonder, will the sun return for the 25 May?

Today town folk have taken to the streets in clothes that can only be described as optimistic however with eighteen degree heat it is more than justified. The hottest day of the year so far across the United Kingdom has – this time – effected Penicuik but it is not going to last.

From Wednesday we will see a slide back to average conditions with our friend the rain also making an unwanted appearance. Yes the play parks will empty as temperatures fall to a seasonal twelve degrees. From midday the chances of a shower will increase as more persistent rain readies to attack from 1pm. The rain will start to clear and the intensity will decrease as we move into the evening. With the cloud cover, a mild night will be in store for all with an eight degree minimum however in slightly more rural areas of the town, such as Leadburn, the minimum could be slightly lower, possibly to four degrees.

As we enter Thursday we will awake to broken clouds and moderate wind gusts, which should keep the isolated showers moving throughout the morning. Yet again temperatures will be lower with a balmy (not really) ten degrees expected. The isolated showers will merge creating a larger band of rain which will move across the town just after 1pm Thursday gaining intensity until levels peak at 7pm. A soggy night is set to follow with intermittent showers giving way to heavy rain around morning  rush hour. This should move off leaving cloud and eleven degree heat with showers.

The following days and nights will also see similar conditions with rain never being too far away.

And now as you wonder why you clicked on this link, we shall discuss the longer term prospects, including that of the 25 May.

As usual it is hard to forecast beyond 48 hours however we can look at trends. Today we’re in an above average state – temperature wise – with a return to average for the remainder of the week. This trend will be echoed next week and unfortunately it looks like it may also follow suit the following week, the week of the Hunter and Lass festivities. Don’t be too down hearted though as it is at least forecast to be dry for the 25 May but with the clouds it will feel anything but summery. Watch for next week’s update to get an up to date look at the big day’s weather.