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The severest snowfall of 2013, so far, has fallen across Penicuik.

Up to three inches of snow has fallen across the region since yesterday (18 Jan) however travel chaos has been avoided.

Midlothian council deployed eight extra spreading vehicles yesterday to keep priority routes clear but untreated roads became impassible quickly leaving some residents stranded. However Penicuik’s residents took to clearing the pavements themselves, which has been praised online as Midlothian Council could not cover all routes.

Snow began to fall at five pm on Friday and continued through till after midnight on Saturday. Flurries then continued through Saturday with further snowfall forecast for Sunday. In addition to this the Met Office have forecast some potentially disruptive snowfall for Monday with up to 10cm of snow in places.

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The first snowfall of 2013 has arrived and could be here to stay.

The MetOffice are forecasting a chilly week with some significant spells of snow starting today.

Snow has been falling in Penicuik since eight am today (Sunday 13th) and is forecast to continue throughout Monday and into Tuesday. So far there has been around 5cm of accumulated snow but in higher regions of Penicuik up to 10cm has fallen.

Midlothian Council were prepared for heavy snowfall and have been routinely spreading grit on all major roads, with no reported problems on the A701 or A702.

A yellow Ice warning is in force as the MetOffice expect temperatures to dip to around -3 degrees overnight. Snow showers will then continue throughout Monday morning with a more persistent band of snow/sleet moving in around lunchtime. That theme will be continued throughout the majority of the week but the current call for concern is the end of the week. It is expected that the Atlantic will try to break through and this could create a battleground situation between cold and mild and could lead to some significant snowfalls around Thursday and Friday.

Residents are urged to keep up to date through their local radio station and are warned to take care when travelling in adverse weather conditions.

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