The Cuckoo is no longer publishing but you can continue to enjoy our old articles.

We’re Preparing To Make History in Penicuik

You may have noticed that lately we haven’t been posting many articles but there is a reason for this. We are preparing to make history in Penicuik by creating Penicuik’s first ever online and in print newspaper!

The Penicuik Cuckoo will begin printing on the 8 May and will hit your doorstep on the weekend of the 12 May. It should be free, however this will be decided upon how many advertisers we get. Do you want to know the best part of this all? Eighty percent of any profits made will go helping improve Penicuik!

At the moment we’re looking to print only 1000 copies however this may increase if we get more advertisers. Due to that we are looking to deliver to Mauricewood plus two other areas in Penicuik. You can tell us where you want to see The Penicuik Cuckoo delivered on our Facebook page. Of course if you order your paper online we will give you priority so if you are desperate to be in with the chance of getting a piece of History, order it now by clicking on Shop.

We look forward to supplying you with Penicuik’s latest news in three weeks time!

[Note to advertisers. The full price list is available here and should you wish to book your advertising plot online click here.]