The Cuckoo is no longer publishing but you can continue to enjoy our old articles.

Printing Your New Community Newspaper: Final Details

Remember we told you that we would be delivering a new local newspaper to you around 12 May? Yes? Good. Well we can now firm up some details.

We have been working on the paper and can confirm we will send it to print on the 8 May, as long as we have enough advertisers who will fund the paper. We would send it to print earlier however we want to get the election results in there and the publishing company only prints every Tuesday and Thursday so therefore we have to wait until the 8 May.

The paper will be delivered to us around three days afterwards, however we have been warned it could take up to seven days. If it is three days we aim to start distribution on 12 May. Our paperboys paper-people will start by delivering to the Mauricewood area and will then work up into Greenlaw Mains and down into Ladywood. This may take some time as we have never done it before and we would like to get it right. If there are any additional copies we will then decide where to go, however we do not foresee this. We aim to have all the papers delivered within five days of when we take delivery however no deliveries will take place on 14 May. This is due to other commitments by our paper-people.

So we have just about finished planning for May’s Cuckoo and we’re now onto June’s. Advertising will be on sale soon and we can confirm the paper will be delivered in the first week of June (slightly earlier than this month). More details on that will be posted soon.