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Disgusting, Disrespectful & Completely Out of Order: A701 Littering (2/3)

A Sneak Preview Of One Possible Solution at BCHS © Pen-Y-Cog Group & Woodhøuse

This is the second in a series of posts detailing changes that urgently need to happen in Penicuik. They have been chosen as they are either detrimental to public safety or are detrimental to Penicuik’s future.

If I had to say there was one thing right now in Penicuik that annoyed me tremendously it would have to be the litter along the southbound lane of the A701. Yes I realise this is another post about the A701 but it is the major road into Penicuik and to improve the town we must make sure that all aspects are covered.

Beeslack CHS has a problem; Midlothian Council has a problem. Some pupils at BCHS just do not respect their community. The state of woodland surrounding the southbound pavement on the A701 is absolutely atrocious! It is filled with pieces of rubbish that will take years to breakdown and will be tarnishing the community for far longer than the person who dropped it will be in school. We were so annoyed by this epidemic that we took it straight to the Headteacher at Beeslack, Jim Cassidy. Have we achieved anything? Not really but a solution is now in sight. Here is what we ran through with him:

Why is this happening?

A difficult question to answer. We put it down to a lack of waste management facilities (bins) and the lack of awareness amongst pupils of the dangers of littering (both to themselves and the environment; such as fines for them and vermin problems for the environment).

Who’s fault is it?

Beeslack are adamant that it is Tesco and the Pennycook’s problem and not there own. This does seem a bit fishy though as the students do belong to Beeslack…

What is the solution?

Is there ever going to be a solution, would be a better way of putting this. Answer: We’d Beeslack BeKindlike to thing so. We have discussed numerous options such as the erection of signage targeting littering and how it effects the community and not just themselves. These signs aim to appeal to the caring side of the students nature. We also discussed the purchase of approximately five new bins for the A701 roadside (these can be seen above) which would reduce the time that a pupil would be required to hold rubbish to two minutes instead of eight. However there is no money to afford any of this so doubt is brought into the situation as to whether money can be salvaged to buy these improvements. Lottery grants are one solution with the Big Lottery Fund Scotland™ giving out grants of up to £10000 to carry out works relating to the environment. Tesco is another giver with a Charity Trust offering up to £25000 for projects surrounding its stores.

This is a matter of watch this space as there is a long road ahead until the entrance to Penicuik can finally be presentable.