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Turmoil In Education Sector

Parents Have Been Left Outraged After The Announcement Of Shake Ups to Their Child’s teachers across Midlothian.

It was announced today by Beeslack Community High School that after eight years of dedication to education, Head of Physics, Kenneth MacFadyen is to leave after he was displaced by Midlothian Council.

The physics teacher has been moved to St Davids High School after Midlothian Council restructured the science department in BCHS. Under the new structure BCHS’s science department will be managed by one head who will specialise in only one subject. The previous structure had three separate heads one for each of the sciences (Chemistry, Biology and Physics).

Parents have been left angered as it has emerged at the last moment that Mr MacFadyen will leave at Christmas and not at Easter or Summer as would be expected in such a situation. They are worried that this will disrupt their child’s Education as they will have only twelve weeks under the new teacher, assigned to their class, before sitting crucial exams. Sources have told The Penicuik Cuckoo that Mr MacFadyen tried to negotiate with Midlothian Council to stay at BCHS until April, therefore teaching his students the whole course but his negotiation failed.

A pupil at Beeslack had the following to say:

It is common consensus Mr MacFadyen has been a wonderful servant to our school in the 8 years he has been here. The physics department reflects his hard work and the fact that this news has evoked such strong feelings goes a long way in showing how integral Mr MacFadyen is to Beeslack as a whole. I will be extremely sad to see him go as throughout my years here I have had no reason to doubt his great teaching abilities.


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Our View! by Penicuik Rethought

This decision by Midlothian Council is outrageous and clearly shows a lack of concern for future generations studying at Beeslack. It is apparent that this decision has not been for the benefit of our children but only as a cost saving measure. We are well aware that restructuring is happening throughout schools in Scotland but it is unacceptable that this should happen halfway through the school year. This could be detrimental to our children’s future and this may be shown very clearly in exam results in August.

We wish K.MacFadyen all the best for his new job at St Davids and for the future.