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Taylor Wimpey Transport Assessment Published

After months of waiting the transport assessment for Taylor Wimpey’s Greenlaw Mill development has finally been published on Midlothian Council’s online planning portal. This will come as relief to many residents who objected to the proposals on the grounds that Penicuik’s infrastructure would be severely affected by the erection of over 400 hundred new residencies. The residents who wished the proposals would be knocked back due to the Transport Assessment are going to be disappointed as the report is widely positive towards the new development. Below you can find a summary of what the report says or if you prefer you can follow the link to the report itself –

  1. In order for the development to go ahead, the junction onto the A702 must be upgraded to a three-arm roundabout. Luckily the planning permission for this was already granted. The Belwood/Mauricewood Road junction will also have to be upgraded.
  2. The junction onto the A701 must be signalised.
  3. The transport assessment company disagrees that there would be any adverse effects on Penicuik’s roads.
  4. There will been no through traffic in the development as the Belwood junction would have a bus gate and would not allow cars through.
  5. The development will not be within five minutes of a bus route (which is regulation) although they say it is still acceptable due to the frequency of the bus service and it is likely that a bus route will run through the development in the future.

The document also lets slip that Wimpey hope to start filling properties from 2014.