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Beeslack CHS Commemorates War Dead

In this centenary year, a local high school has created a remembrance display to commemorate those who fell during the Great War.

Beeslack Community High School’s Modern Language’s Department  set out on educating local pupils about the efforts of our European Allies’ soldiers, culminating in the creation a wall of remembrance and a floating indoor poppy field.

Pupils in first, second and third year all participated in a project to investigate how France and Germany commemorated Remembrance Day, researching the national traditions. After doing this, classes then read in either French or German about a soldier who was killed in action during 1918. This fallen servicemen was the great-uncle of a teacher in the department.

Bringing the project closer to home, pupils then looked into the lives’ of a soldier from Penicuik and District who was killed in the Great War or a subsequent bout of warfare. Using their knowledge from the previous profile of the soldier killed during in 1918, students then embarked on creating a profile for their chosen local soldier, in either French or German. Their profile, complete with photograph or picture was then compiled to create a wall of remembrance.

During the evening of November 10, volunteers set about creating a floating poppy field, formed from hand crafted poppies dangling from the ceiling. This poignant display was hanged above the wall of remembrance.

The department was overwhelmed by the success of the display and sent their thanks to all involved.

Beeslack Community High School is the official secondary school for 2 Scot’s Glencorse Barracks. As such, many pupils have lived for a time with a parent overseas. The Second Battalion of the Royal Regiment of Scotland are currently tasked with responding to emergency events within the United Kingdom after returning from Afghanistan. In late October, the Uk withdrew from the middle-eastern country, handing over control to the local security force. However the war cost the lives of five local servicemen.