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BID Blog: Promising Start for Aspiring Initiative

We’ve come a long way since a small association of business got together to discuss the benefits a BID would bring to Penicuik.

We started by hearing about the ideas and aspirations of businesses in the town centre BID area back in August, then compiled a questionnaire based on those findings.  Now that the questionnaires have been given out to those businesses, we’ll shortly be hearing which of those issues truly matter most to them.

It’s at this point that we really get down to business.  We’ll see which projects are highest-priority, and include them at the forefront of our Business Proposal.  This proposal will include:

  • Total budget (not including external funding, which should increase available funds to several times the amount of the initial budget)
  • Individual costs associated with each project
  • How much each unit will need to contribute to complete those projects
  • A benchmark of services already provided by Midlothian Council and Police Scotland, to ensure there is absolutely no overlap with the projects we intend to perform.
  • The results of all surveys completed (business/customer)

The proposal will be distributed to all commercial properties within Penicuik First’s BID area in early 2015, before going to ballot in late Spring that year.  We’re excited to report a steady increase in membership of the Steering Group, and would like to extend an invitation to all shops and services within the proposed BID area to have a representative join the Steering Group and become an integral part of the decision-making process.

It’s looking like there are plenty more opportunities to work together with schools in the town.   As you may know, we’ve already got our logo, name and website out of it, and many more exciting projects on the horizon.  They’ve helped us establish our brand, and in future they will be providing valuable data about footfall and customer preferences.  This kind of partnership is unique to Penicuik First as far as BIDs go, and I think we should be shouting about it!

Our social media accounts and website are now live – all contact details below:



Twitter: @penicuikfirst

Facebook: / (search for Penicuik First)

Phone: 07522 076549 (Edward Linton-Smith)

Post: Penicuik First, Town Hall, Penicuik EH26 8HS

By BID Co-Ordinator Edward Linton-Smith