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Alex Salmond pictured with Margaret Rose Leishman aged 82, who said “He’s the best wee man for the job” © Russell G Sneddon

Ministers Bring Independence Campaign to Midlothian

The First Minister, Alex Salmond, visited Penicuik on Thursday after Prime Minister, David Cameron, visited Loanhead last week.

As the campaigns for and against Scottish Independence intensify, politicians from both the pro-union and pro-independence sides have descended on Midlothian to try and persuade community members to vote with their group on September 18.

Last week, Prime Minster David Cameron travelled to Scotland to explain why voters should put a cross in the no box come polling day. His visit to the engineering firm Mactaggart and Scott, who are based in Loanhead, came as 130 business leaders signed a letter calling for independence to be rejected. Mactaggart and Scott have expressed their concerns of leaving the United Kingdom. Speaking during his visit, the PM said:

I think it’s certainty versus uncertainty, a secure future versus insecurity, the known versus the unknown and the warmth of the UK family of nations versus an irreversible decision to separate.

It emerged this week that the financial markets had taken a hit after a poll showed surging support for independence. However, the independence campaign does not stop for a one poll, as campaigners have continued informing voters throughout the county.

In his first visit to Penicuik’s ailing town centre, Alex Salmond spoke on his vision for an independent country. He spent thirty minutes talking to the gathered crowd, where he relished in taking ‘selfies’ with locals. The SNP claim “hundreds” of local community members attended the event. The FM then moved on to “Whitmuir the Organic Place” in Lamancha to talk about the impacts of independence on the agriculture industry.

Many residents throughout the town have taken to displaying how they will vote in two weeks time. The largest example of this perhaps being a large blue ‘Yes’ sign which has been erected on the side of the house on Edinburgh Road. Others are simply placing “Yes” or “No Thanks” placards in their windows. Regardless of your view, the important thing is that you now go out and vote on September 18.

David Cameron visits Loanhead based firm Mactaggart & Scott © PA
David Cameron visits Loanhead based firm Mactaggart & Scott © PA

Our #indyref series continues with articles about the impacts/opportunities of independence on Penicuik. Watch out for them later this week.