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Marketplace Plans Supported By Most

A Penicuckoo poll has revealed that the majority of community members are in support of creating a mixed-use market space.

Last week’s poll has shown overwhelming support for a local businessman’s plans to open a marketplace in an available unit within Penicuik’s shopping precinct.

Of eighty-four people polled 91%, seventy-seven participants, said that they would actively support the creation of ten low rent spaces, as part of the scheme which would hopefully occupy the £55k former M&Co unit at 40 John St. The remaining seven participants said that they would not support a marketplace.

The owner behind Little Italy, Roberto Pia, recently told us that with the right amount of community and financial support, he would look to acquire the large floorspace which is currently occupied by St Margaret of Scotland’s Hospice on a no commitment, short term let. In doing so he would divide the space into ten lower rent areas which would then be let to startups and more established businesses alike. Mr Pia hopes that such an initiative may bring back the older features of the town, such as a butcher and fishmonger.

More on this can be read in our preceding article, Restaurant Plans Anger Local Businessman.

Meanwhile a new restaurant entitled ‘Marco Polo’ is set to open after planners gave permission for alterations which will allow the building to act as a ‘Mediterranean Steakhouse’ . Four objections were raised but the planners quashed these as they did not refer to the planning application but to the the class of the unit.