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Theatre Group Thanked After Charity Donation

A local theatre group has been praised after donating just under one thousand two hundred pounds to a Midlothian based domestic abuse charity.

The Penicuik Community Theatre Group presented Midlothian Women’s Aid with a cheque to the sum of £1183.30 after a successful run of an adaption of Eve Ensler’s “The Vagina Monologues”.

The production which ran for two nights in late April aimed to raise awareness of a worldwide campaign entitled ‘V-Day’. Performed in the town hall in front of a busy crowd, it was critically acclaimed:

“The skill of the performance carried gut wrenching pathos on a tide of laughter” TPC Journalist Karen Duncan

It was a skilfully produced and performed production which was dutifully attended by supportive locals, something which the PCTG have remembered in their thanks to those involved:

Many thanks to our Director Lynsey Cullen for directing this play, and to the ladies who came to be in the play. But most of all Thank you to our patrons who come along and support Penicuik Community Theatre Group. We could never have raised such a magnificent sum without their support.

However the performance itself had the purpose of aiding the campaign against domestic violence. Now after raising a fruitful sum for MWA the cast can relax and look forward to their next production in August. Their next venture will hopefully bring laughter into the town hall. “Ladies Day” by Amanda Whittington is a comedy following four fish workers, Pearl, Jan ,Shelley & Linda, who get tickets for an event. We then get to follow their lives and learn their stories. The theatre group are promising that the performance on the 15, 16 & 17 August 2013 will “cheer the cockles of the heart”.

Midlothian’s Women’s Aid offers confidential information, support and a safe place to stay for women and children affected by domestic abuse.  Women’s Aid has worked with abused women for over 30 years offering confidential support and information.

[Image: From left to right – Linda James, Julie Watson (of MWA) , Lesley Dickinson, Sharon Cowle – Image supplied by PCTG]