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Invigorating Penicuik With Knitted Creations

A local organisation dedicated to the promotion of arts and crafts took to the streets of Penicuik at the weekend to spread some joy.

As part of Voluntary Arts Week, the Penicuik Community Arts Association and Making Space Penicuik secretly decorated the town with homemade knitted objects and flowers.

After weeks of planning, and community drop-in sessions, the military scale operation finally graced the town centre with colour. From the Cowan memorial to trees in the precinct, every inanimate piece of the everyday street scene has been brought to life. The trees look cosy in the May rains beneath their warm knitted cardigans whilst the colour spectrum of flags interlace their uppermost branches. To the baffled shopper in the dilapidated precinct, the culprit is unknown, but on closer inspection, with little detective work, the West St Arts Centre stands embalmed in knitted roses and the secret creator is unveiled.

The american trend has seen a boom in recent years with Paris and other major european cities participating however it is a first for Penicuik.

The organisation and its volunteers have already been praised for their work on social media:

Just wanted to say, the town looks fantastic! I had no idea this was happening and got a great surprise when I walked down the street just now! Penicuik is unfortunately a pretty depressing and soulless place these days with little going for it’s town centre, but all your hard work has made it look cheerful and happy and somehow comforting, even if it’s only for a short time! We need more things like this to improve the aesthetics as much as possible…

A video of the project can be seen below:

Or view the gallery below or for the full size images click here:

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