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New Recycling Centre Planned

Midlothian Council plan to replace current recycling centre with a new multi-purpose ‘Community Recycling Centre’ on land formerly home to the Edinburgh Crystal Factory.

The 0.52 acre site to the west of Strathesk Primary School aims to become south and west Midlothian’s  only recycling centre. It has been divided into two areas. One will be available to the public and will offer an expanded range of options to recycle household goods. The other will be restricted to council vehicles only but this shall include the street cleaning fleet along with a salt store for the winter months. It is thought that this will improve Penicuik’s infrastructure during periods of adverse weather as the snow clearance team will not be required to travel to elsewhere in Midlothian to refill.

It is currently unknown how much it will cost to construct the new facility or what will be done with the old site but we have contacted Midlothian Council for a press release.

It has been debated for a significant amount of time on whether Penicuik should loose its recycling centre or whether an expansion was more viable. It is clear from this submission that Penicuik will keep its waste facility in the future.