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Body Found In Garden, Now Named

The body of a male, confirmed as Robert Reid, has been found in a Garden in Strathesk Place in Penicuik.

The 29 Year-old was covered after heavy snowfall hit Penicuik earlier this week. However it took until Wednesday for the body to be found by a young girl.

The Police were called to the address at 16:10 yesterday and a forensics team were onsite at Strathesk Place early yesterday evening (16 Jan). After a preliminary investigation, foul play has been ruled out and the death is now being treated as non-suspicious.

It is currently being treated that due to the sub-zero temperatures, the man may have collapsed and then froze to death.

He has now been identified as Robert Reid, 29.

A post mortem will be carried out shortly to distinguish what could have caused the 29 year olds death.

However  Some Locals Have Described His Death As A “Victory for Householders”, Whilst Others Mourn The Loss of a Brother, Son and Friend.

A number of sources have contacted us to express their concern over the media’s handling of Robert Reid’s death due to his previous convictions as a thief.

An anonymous source contacted us to say that it was “no loss” after the felon with at least 33 convictions was found dead in a garden in Penicuik. They expressed their story of how their house was robbed by Mr Reid and his accomplices, just a few days after a family bereavement.

Another described him as a “thieving Wretch”.

But many others are just as sad to see a fellow local loose his life.

We personally want to express our most sincere condolences to any affected relatives or friends of Mr Reid.