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Suspected Norovirus Grips Primary School

Mauricewood Primary School is open to pupils and teachers only as a suspected “Norovirus” is contained.

The winter vomiting bug, which has no cure, has possibly broken out in a local Primary school. Whilst diagnoses are carried out the school is only open to staff and pupils. Parents are being advised to keep their children off for at least two days from the time they first demonstrate symptoms. Once contracted the bug should only last a couple of days however it can last longer in some cases.

According to staff at BCHS a large majority of Mauricewood Primary have contracted the bug and due to this the annual nativity was only open to teachers, with parents being asked to wait another year for the next nativity.

Experts from the NHS have been working to contain the situation to stop the illness spreading further.

[note color=”#dfff57″]Update: Reports are coming in that over a quarter of Mauricewood’s school role is infected, totalling over 100 cases of the suspected Norovirus.[/note]

The Signs of the Norovirus and How to stop it spreading

If you contract the virus you will suffer from diarrhoea and vomiting and unfortunately there is no cure. The illness should last approximately two days and to avoid dehydration fluids must be drank constantly throughout this period. Do not go to your GP there is nothing they can do. It is highly contagious and could lead to the virus spreading further. Seek advice if the virus persists for more than four days. To contain the bug: surfaces in which an infected person have came in contact with should be disinfected and towels/flannels should not be shared. Hands should be washed frequently.

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