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‘Norovirus’ May Have Been Influenza B

An outbreak of the ‘Norovirus’ may just have been a strain of the flu virus, officials have said.

An outbreak of a vomiting bug at Mauricewood Primary School could have been Influenza B, a strain of the usual winter flu virus.

After an investigation, health officers have decided that it was most likely not the Norovirus but a virus that is shared between only humans and seals. Symptoms can be similar to that of the common cold put unlike the cold, Influenza B will usually start with a fever before leading to respiratory problems (coughs etc) and, in some cases, stomach flu which can include vomiting.

An outbreak of the Norovirus was suspected after just under 200 pupils at MPS were sent home due to illness. So far this winter the Norovirus has been reported far more often than previous years. It has closed hospital wards across southern Scotland, some in the Edinburgh Royal Infirmary. Midlothian Council have came under fire after they chose not to close Mauricewood Primary regardless of the lack of teachers and pupils.