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Return of A Railway Line?

We will populate this article with our own content very soon but here is the excerpt from The Penicuik Town Crier:

Councillor Adam Montgomery reported at the August Meeting of Penicuik and Loanhead Labour Party at Midlothian Council it was unanimously agrees a desk-top feasibility study to be carried out by students of Napier University regarding the Penicuik Rail Link.

The work will be part of the curriculum for MSe students, and not only provide updated information as a next stage in the process, it will also give the transport studies department a practical real life exercise which will benefit both parties.

Cllr Adam Montgomery stated, “This is an excellent way to proceed with the rail link for Penicuik and the feasibility study will highlight not only the best options but also any difficulties which need to be tackled.”

He continued, ” A rail link from Penicuik to Edinburgh would provide employment opportunities during and after construction, and although it will take around ten years to come to fruition, I am delighted that my original proposal is now formally in the system.”