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Bus Routes May Be Rescued

The 141 and 142 bus routes along with Beeslack’s school buses may be salvaged after it is revealed that s state run bus service may be created, similar to Transport for London.

East Lothian council have agreed to create a bus service to save the jobs of hundreds and also keep open transport links to neighbouring districts. However it is yet unknown whether Midlothian Council will follow suit but it is believed that they will, as many current First routes come into their jurisdiction.

Lothian has said that they are looking at the possibilities to expand their network but the government has said that an expansion by Lothian would only be approved if it was “right for Edinburgh”.

A summit is planned between council chiefs, First Group and Lothian is planned to discuss the future of the staff and routes but with a state run bus service now highly likely it looks like the future is bright for the 141 and 142.

More news as it develops…