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BT Delay Internet Speed Upgrade

BT Have announced that a previous upgrade to Penicuik’s internet speed, has been delayed.

A long awaited internet speed upgrade has been delayed until 30 June as works to cabling have yet to be completed. The upgrade to Penicuik’s slow internet speed was planned for March 30 and would have doubled the speed from 20mbps to just below 40mbps. However works to improve cabling to support the faster speed have fallen behind schedule and this means Penicuik will have to wait an extra two months for a faster internet connection. A Penicuik Cuckoo investigation has shown that very few households in Penicuik get close to the currently stated 20mbps with many not even reaching half of the speed.

When the better internet speed does arrive locals could be paying up to £30 a month to guarantee that they aren’t left behind with a the speed that even a rural town would put to shame.

[You can register your interest for the faster internet speed at]