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Wimpey Plans Officially Unveiled

Taylor Wimpey have released their anticipated plans for their Greenlaw Mill development.

The development will consist of 438 houses and 81 apartments. Of these houses 240 are detached with their own garage and garden whilst the remaining 198 are semi-detached or terraced. There are 3 apartment blocks. A large no build area of the site means that the development is separated into an east and west site with a road connecting the two. In this space there will be a large elongated park named “Linear Park”. This will house paths and cycle routes connecting Belwood to the A701. As you will see in the below plans there are a lot of open spaces due to the size of the 30 acre site. One of these will have a seven a side football pitch and a pavilion. Across the development there will be play parks. Taylor Wimpey have really tried to minimise the roads in places with there being a sense of walking or cycling.

It has been confirmed that the development will be connected to the bus route but at the moment we do not know who will provide this, although the 15 could run through the development west to east then down Belwood Road and into Auchendinny, but that is just us speculating. The plans do not clarify what type of junction there will be onto Mauricewood Road but it looks likely to be traffic lights, not the roundabout as previously planned. The housing developer has also added a junction onto Belwood Road which also likely to be traffic lights. A road impact report will be available soon to confirm junction layouts.

Housing wise, there are 25 types of housing ranging from a 2 bedroom terrace to a 5 bedroom detached house. Apartments are all 2 bedroomed but they come in five different layouts. There are a number of areas in this development that have been marked as areas of improved quality which involve more open space and fewer roads. We could get very technical here but everything technical about the development from fencing to engineering plans can be found below. One last note though is there are plans for an additional 21 houses, although the planning is yet to appear online.