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Penicuik on Parade in Doubt

Organisers have warned that May’s annual parade in Penicuik could be cancelled unless volunteers are secured to fill the role of the withdrawn Police.

At a meeting of the Penicuik Community Council on Monday, the organisers behind Penicuik on Parade warned that cuts to local policing have created a gap in marshalling which must now be filled to allow the event to proceed as normal.

Since the merger of Scotland’s divisional Police forces in 2013, officers from the single force have continued to provide support to local events, like Penicuik on Parade. However, funding for local events has been cut this year resulting in the loss of the Police’s support of the parade. The move has left organisers scrambling to fill roles that are vital to allow the event to pass off safely.

With a month an a half to go until this year’s Penicuik on Parade, it is now critical that sixteen volunteers are found to help enforce temporary road closures along the length of the route. Volunteers are required to stop traffic and put in place a barrier on the affected roads shortly before the parade’s start 13:30 on Saturday May 27. As the parade passes, the volunteer can then unblock the road and permit traffic to rejoin the main route. The marshal will be able to watch the parade as usual, so the role can still be undertaken alongside observing with your families. Volunteers must be over the age of 18.

Last year’s Penicuik on Parade went ahead as normal but Police presence had been significantly reduced. Even after the event had started, vehicles were still turning towards the oncoming parade, posing a risk to participants and the public.

Should you wish to volunteer get in touch with the organisers by emailing, via Facebook or alternatively contact us and we’ll pass your details along.