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Midlothian Unemployment Falls 0.1%

The latest figures, released Wednesday, show that the county’s unemployment rate has continued to fall, whilst those seeking Jobseeker’s Allowance has held steady.

Midlothian’s economic recovery is continuing, new labour market figures showed Wednesday. The improving trend is echoed across the United Kingdom as further people enter the workforce.

One Wednesday 20 January, the Office of National Statistics published the monthly and updated quarterly Labour Market figures. Included within this release was the latest view of the employment situation within Midlothian and the countries other counties.

From November to December 2015, the number of people within Midlothian receiving Jobseekers Allowance held steady around 1.2% of the workforce. This is 0.6% lower than the figure in December 2014 and is now at pre-recession levels. Meanwhile the latest unemployment figures for June-September 2015 showed unemployed stands at 5.1%, down 0.1% on the previous quarter and 1% on the same quarter in 2014. Unlike Scotland and the UK as a whole, the number of people in Midlothian in employment has not yet surpassed record amounts (77.4% in June 2012). It is currently 75.1% though it is increasing on a monthly basis.

Wages also continue to rise but gross weekly pay lags behind the national values at just shy of £498 per week in comparison to above £510. Overall wages are forecast to rise at a rate of 2.2% in 2016, with the implementation of the new National Living Wage in April also set to boost income.

Responding to the Scottish labour market figures DWP Employment Minister, Priti Patel, said:

This is a record-breaking set of figures – and has got 2016 off to a fantastic start.
There are now more people in work than ever before and wages are growing consistently – a credit to hardworking Brits and businesses alike. And in a further demonstration of the strength of the UK labour market today’s figures show a record three quarters of a million vacancies available. Scotland now has a higher employment rate than England, Wales and Northern Ireland.
As a One Nation Government we will build on this throughout the coming year – doubling childcare for working parents and introducing the new National Living Wage – ensuring that everyone has increased financial security and the opportunity to get on and succeed in life.

Local DWP manage Billy Howie told us that an increase in new infrastructure developments and construction projects is seeing a boost in jobs within the county.