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Sign on Graham's Road © Penicuik Cuckoo

A Year of Endless Roadworks?

Penicuik residents face a year of traffic turmoil as the council, utility companies and house builders gear up to overhaul local infrastructure.

It’s a new year but motorists will face the same old problems when they take to the roads in January.

Last month’s announcement that Taylor Wimpey has secured planning permission for their long awaited Greenlaw Mill development, will see the commencement of nearly 15 years of construction work in the north west of the town. To withstand the additional influx of vehicles, both construction and commuter, several arteries and junctions will have to undergo upgrades; notably the junctions at either end of Mauricewood Road. Exact timescales are still forthcoming but Road Construction Consent has already been given to create a new Gowkley Moss-esque roundabout onto the A702 from Mauricewood in turn realigning both Mauricewood and Belwood Roads. It is believed that these works could take the best part of six months to complete, though traffic flow through the site will likely be maintained.

Planned A702 roundabout layout © Taylor Wimpey
Planned A702 roundabout layout © Taylor Wimpey

Working southwards on Mauricewood Road, Scottish Power will undertake works to divert an overhead power line that runs through the construction site. To facilitate this, the road will be upturned to re-lay the line below it. A new roundabout into the development will follow.

At the bottom of the thoroughfare, the A701 junction will be altered and signalised, the northbound bus stop being moved and a new pedestrian crossing formed.

Away from Mauricewood and within the immediate future, Scottish Gas Networks are set to upgrade their pipes at the Belwood Road four way junction. Both Belwood and Grahams Roads will be closed on approach to the junction from Monday 11 January for a period of three to five weeks. Diversion routes will be signposted but in short, those travelling to and from Belwood Crescent will have to travel northwards onto Mauricewood Road and those wishing to reach Glencorse Primary will have to use The Brae in Auchendinny. U75 Oatslie Road will also be closed in full.

Looking ahead into the year and the barrage of works appears to be never-ending. Information from the website shows that Scottish Water intend to undertake roadworks at the Mauricewood Road/A702 junction from 18 February until early July. This could be related to the future roundabout but is still to be confirmed.

Midlothian Council will also continue their resurfacing programme; first on Edinburgh Road (Eastfield Farm Road to Beeslack Community High School) from February to May then on High Street, after Hunter and Lass Day, until July.

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