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School Roof Repairs Commence

Beeslack Community High School is about to get a new roof, following the council’s multi-thousand pound grant.

Saturated ceiling tiles, water filled buckets and wet floors were common place in the thirty-one year old building, but they’ll hopefully be a thing of the past after work got underway to install a new roof.

The Beeslack Parent Association lobbied Midlothian Council for a substantial grant to repair the failing roof and after months of badgering, the money was found to allow construction to begin. Sporting a flat roof, clad in metal, contractors will undertake an overcalling procedure as detailed by the council’s tender notice below:

Midlothian Council is looking to appoint contractors to complete roof renewals at Beeslack Community High School, Penicuik, EH26 0QF. In particular, supply and install to the existing roof structure an insulated overcladding system supported on a galvanized steel support bar system, fixed with self drilling fasteners to steel purlins.

To allow this procedure to commence, the building has been cloaked in scaffolding. Major work is expected to take place over the gym hall which is currently prone to leaks. However contractors will have to be wary of asbestos when carrying out their repairs.

The “renewals” should be finished when pupils return on Wednesday 19 August.

Beeslack Community High School is currently rated ‘B’ on the scale of repairs needed. Its counterpart off Carlops Road, Penicuik High School, is rated ‘C’ and is believed to be in a poor state of repair. Midlothian Council are undertaking feasibility studies into the replacement of the buildings, aiming for a new high school in the town by the next decade. Beeslack could move closer to Loanhead under plans whilst Penicuik High would be expanded to cater for the entirety of the town. Cllr Joe Wallace (SNP) was overheard saying that “Beeslack must be torn down” in relation to the proposals.

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