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Mauricewood Road

Resurfacing Still Awaits Local Roads

Residents in Penicuik will face disruption later this year after the Council announced two major resurfacing projects.

Commuters living in Penicuik and district will face additional delays until October, due to the council and Scottish Power embarking on their latest programmes of refurbishment.

In Penicuik, Mauricewood Road is set to close this September between Boyd-Orr Drive and the A701. Midlothian Council will close the route for around two months to allow it to be resurfaced in its entirety. The exact timings are yet to be confirmed, though it is known a diversion will be in place for the majority of the works. Pictured above, the main thoroughfare connecting the A701 and A702 is showing signs of subsidence and subsequent cracking. However necessary improvements to facilitate the construction of hundreds of new homes off the route, will not be undertaken at the time. Taylor Wimpey, as developer, will implement the changes if and when they start building homes north of Greenlaw Mains. The closure could mean lengthier travel times for the school run.

After months of disruption last year, residents living along Rullion Road will also face another closure. A segment of the route between Ravelsykes Road and property number 202 will be closed from late July to allow for resurfacing works. As such, buses and traffic will be diverted via Cuiken Terrace for the duration.

Earlier plans for the rejuvenation of Eskvale Drive have since been abandoned.

Further up the A701, and much to the dismay of travellers, Scottish Power returned to the A701 in order to complete their works to replace ageing utility cables. A section of the Milton Bridge dual carriageway is affected by the undertakings but motorists have not faced many delays since the removal of traffic management. In addition to this the southbound slip road to Auchendinny has been closed since 13 April, diverting motorists to the traffic lights and down the B7026, but this is due to reopen in July.

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This article was originally published in March. However Midlothian Council have since altered the dates for the resurfacing works in Penicuik, pushing the Mauricewood roadworks back into the Autumn. Corrections were made to ensure that the information we publish is wholly accurate.