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Life: Exploring the Pentland Paths

The region plays host to many scenic walking routes catering for everyone, though a recent trip by us up the Pentlands may not be for everyone.

Penicuik isn’t often blessed with a pleasant, blue-skyed day, but earlier this month the weather permitted a short jaunt up the Pentland Path.

Accessible to all, thanks to local farmers, a path runs from just north of Silverburn over the hills to Balerno. The path starts on the northern side of the A702 to the North East of Silverburn. Limited car parking is available either side of the trunk road, where you can leave the car before commencing your journey through the hills.

A signposted gate opens into a field usually home to a flock of sheep. Keeping the dog on a lead is a must during the Spring months, or all year round if they are a bit unruly. Heading northwards, a small burn is crossed (pictured) before a sign directs you upwards. The well walked route is easily navigated with prominent way-finding signs. A steep incline follows, with the surrounding views ever increasing. At the summit of this small hill, a fence is crossed by step before the route continues onwards to Balerno. However should you turn to the right after crossing this, you will be met with most spectacular views of Penicuik and District (pictured). On a good clear day, you can see out into East Lothian and Edinburgh, whilst the greenery of the south also entices.

This is a difficult walk with a sustained steep incline. The terrain underfoot can be difficult to navigate, more so when wet. For ease, park off the A702 as there are limited pavements between the town and the route.