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Penicuik Prepares to Welcome the Baton

Two years after the Olympic torch came through the town, Penicuik is now gearing up to welcome the Queen’s Baton relay as part of its journey towards this Summer’s Commonwealth Games in Glasgow.

In the morning of Monday 16 June, Penicuik will join in the Glasgow 2014 celebrations, as the Queen’s Baton relay makes its way through the town. The baton will be passed between local nominated bearers across Midlothian throughout Monday, on its third day in Scotland.

It is expected that the baton will arrive in the town, via Edinburgh Road, at around 10:30AM, where it will visit Beeslack Community High School before continuing along the A701 into the heart of the town. By the Tower, a right will be taken onto Carlops Road. It will then be passed between bearers until it reaches Penicuik High School, where it will stop for a short period of time. The baton will then rejoin Carlops Road before turning left onto Bog Road. Following Bog Road, the baton will then move onto West Street where it will take a right onto Bridge Street. Finally it will turn left up towards Pomathorn, where it will be transported via car towards Rosewell.Timeline Baton Route

Timings are approximate however the relay will come through Penicuik between 10:31AM and 12:05PM. As stated, the baton will stop at Beeslack CHS and Penicuik HS where further celebrations will be undertaken. These stops will be about fifteen minutes to half an hour.

Amongst the baton bearers are two well loved community members, Fiona Gibson, chair of Penicuik Hunter & Lass, and Burns Scott, an active 85 year old who has had a busy life as part of many local organisations, including the local Gala Committee back in 1954.

Fiona Gibson has been chair of Penicuik’s Hunter and Lass committee for the past two decades and has brought the annual celebrations into the hearts of the community. Fiona’s passion for Penicuik has helped create a successful week long celebration every May which is a shining example to the rest of the region. Bringing together the young and the old, she rightly will carry the baton that celebrates a worldwide friendship between countries. You can catch Fiona with the baton on Bog Road at around 11:36AM.

Burns Scott is an 85 year old who shows no signs of slowing down. A key member of the Penicuik community since 1954, Burns helped organise the towns Gala celebrations, before Penicuik Hunter and Lass took over in later in the twentieth century. After this he went onto co-organise the Carnethy Hill Race, a race which now attracts over 500 entrants from across the Uk. Burns also joined the local British Heart Foundation Branch. However he is not unfamiliar with the Commonwealth Games in Scotland, having volunteered at both the 1970 and 1986 Edinburgh Games. Today Burns is a crucial player in delivering the great programme of activities at the Ladywood Leisure Centre, where he creates the newsletter and organises classes. He will be reunited with the Commonwealth Games spirit during Monday’s relay.

These are just two of the fantastic bearers participating in the relay. Overall 116 bearers will help transport the baton throughout the county. If you are one of these, or know someone who is, get in touch via email,, or Facebook, and tell us your story.

Delays however are expected on the roads as rolling road closure comes into force. Vehicles will have to pull over as the procession passes whilst Carlops Road will be closed completely from 10:45AM to 12:30PM, with a diversion via Joh Street and High Street required. No parking or waiting is allowed along the route.

We’ll be out tomorrow along the route capturing the moment. You can send us your photos on Twitter @Penicuik_Cuckoo or #batonrelay, or email

[Image © Guernsey Sports Commission, Flickr]