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Beeslack CHS Says No to Independence

Beeslack Community High School’s mock referendum on Scottish Independence shows that the majority of, voting age, students want to remain in the United Kingdom.

In January, Penicuik’s Beeslack CHS held a mock referendum on Scottish Independence. Fifth and sixth year pupils were asked the question which will be used on September 18, “Should Scotland be an Independent Country”, and the results show that most pupils will vote no when polling day arrives.

Fifth year students, of which there are approximately 150, were less sure on how to vote with 15% saying they were undecided, however there was a 39 point lead for the No vote with 62% of pupils saying they wanted to stay in the United Kingdom. Only 23% of fifth year students said they would vote yes in September.

The results in the sixth year poll are very positive for the pro-union campaign Better Together, with 70% of those polled saying they are happy with the country being part of the UK. Of the 103 students who participated, 16% said they wanted independence whilst 14% said they had yet to decide.

Overall, two thirds of students asked said they would be voting no to independence. Twenty percent said they would be voting yes and 14% said they will make their mind up in the coming months.

Beeslack pupils were given the opportunity to vote as part of a series of social education lessons which saw both the pro-seperation campaign, Yes Scotland, and the pro-union campaign, Better Together, send youth representatives to the school to help inform the young voters. Yes Scotland’s representative wanted to tell students the benefits of going alone however on the other side Better Together delivered a speech about the emotional reasons to stay in the Uk. Both groups gave the pupils time to ask questions. Plans for the currency, EU membership and the future of tuition fees were all questioned during the Yes presentation and many undecided voters sought out positive reasons for remaining in the Kingdom.

With Beeslack playing host to many military children, concerns over the future of the armed forces were also driving the no vote.

It is clear that from Beeslack Community High School, it will be an overwhelming no when polling day arrives.

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