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Beeslack Celebrates Robert Louis Stevenson’s Birthday

A pause in studies and teaching was called for in Beeslack CHS, earlier in the month, as ‘Stevenson’ House celebrated Robert Louis Stevenson’s birthday.

On Wednesday 14 November sixth year students and teachers from Beeslack’s newly formed ‘Stevenson’ House held a coffee morning to commemorate the birth of their house’s namesake, the nineteenth century novelist Robert Louis Stevenson.

At the first of many planned social events within the new housing structure, the senior house members were invited to revel in a slice of cake and a cup of warm coffee and tea. However, the purpose was not to just satisfy the cravings of the sixth years but instead it was to celebrate the 163rd birthday of RLS and in turn offer an opportunity to socialise with teachers, a move which will hopefully ease the leavers into University life.

Cath Heavon-Jones, house leader, told us earlier:

A “fan-tache-stic” time was had by S6 and staff alike yesterday as they celebrated the 163rd birthday of their House’s namesake – Robert Louis Stevenson. It was great to see staff and pupils sharing a cuppa and bit of cake to mark the occasion.

‘Stevenson’ House operates alongside ‘Hoy’ and ‘Livingstone’ houses, both if which were named after famous Scots, Chris Hoy and David Livingstone respectively. Their names were chosen in June this year after it was announced that the high school would be introducing a housing structure. The move aims to encourage teamwork and friendly inter-house competitiveness whilst keeping an air of maturity and co-operation.

Teachers joined sixth years to socialise. Those shown include the head teacher, James Cassidy.
Teachers joined sixth years to socialise. Those shown include the head teacher, James Cassidy.

The system allows for a number of new events to be undertaken, with a mini highland games and a bake off due in the coming months. At the end of the year, the house with the most points will win the inter-house championship.

As it stands ‘Stevenson’ have remained in first place since the start of the term, seeing off ‘Livingstone’ with a small lead whilst ‘Hoy’ follows shortly behind.

[Image © Beeslack Community High School. Sixth year students Gregor Sylvester (left), Graeme Masterson (middle) & Richard Longville-Taylor (right) pose for a photo at the coffee morning. Gregor jokes that he doesn’t need the paper moustache.]