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Great Effort From Young Cricketers

Post brought to you by our friends at Penicuik Cricket Club.

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Grange Cricket Club Kwik Cricket Festival – Sunday 2nd June – Report

Penicuik Pythons U-10’s team took part in Grange CC’s Festival in Edinburgh; the first of the summer.

This was a huge step for our boys. Of the eight players in the team 6 had never played Kwik Cricket before and 5 of them had only been training and indeed playing cricket in any form for 3 weeks! Added to this their age range is from Primary 1 to Primary 7.

It was apparent from the start that we were up against it. Most of the other teams hadplayers who were older predominantly P6 or 7 and many had been playing together for as much as 3 years.

Our first game was against Grange Sharks and predictably it was an uphill struggle from the outset. We were soundly beaten in every aspect of the game and the boys were very disappointed.

With each game, however, little improvements were achieved . The boys started to bat bowl and field with more confidence as they gradually started to get a feel for the game. We were still taking quite heavy defeats but our scores were improving.

Game 4 saw us pitted against Livingston . Although they appeared to be technically superior in many respects our team achieved a well earned victory scoring plenty of runs and taking wickets! The smiles on their faces was a sight to see!

Cricket as we all know is not solely about winning (although we all enjoy doing so) but taking part. It had been a long day and the boys were tired, our last scheduled game was against Grange Panthers, as the result would not affect the overall tournament we asked the boys if they would like to call it a day and give the Panthers a bye. I am proud to report that to a man they wanted to play, tired or not. Ok they were beaten again but their performance and score was much better than in game one!

All the boys showed promise and made improvements over the course of the day and should be commended for their effort. They have a lot to learn but they are just at the start of their cricketing life and with help and support who knows where they can go?