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“Mass Vandalism & Theft”

In what is being called “an attack against the PCAA”, Penicuik’s handmade creations, that decorated the town, have been maliciously destroyed and removed.

An act of “mass vandalism and theft” has rendered weeks worth of work by the community pointless.

During the night of Monday 13 to Tuesday 14 many knitted and painted handmade objects have been ripped off trees, buildings and street furniture around the town. These objects had been lovingly made by the community, many of whom were children, however after weeks of practical work and months of behind the scenes preparations, the time and effort of these caring creators has been called into the question.

The initiative which involves the hanging of mostly knitted creations saw Penicuik’s town centre transformed into a hub of art and happiness. It was described a playground of joy for children, with many younger members of the community spending hours in awe of the talent of local crafters. However today, when the Penicuik Community Arts Association awoke they discovered that, in a malicious fashion, their symbols of community spirit and hope had been stolen, irreparably damaged or thrown to the ground.

On their social media page they described the removal of two banners which were right outside their West Street Art’s Centre’s front door (the banners can be seen in the image above):

[the] banners you see here were made by born and bread local people with great love and care; some of them were children. Last night the banners have been untied and cut and thrown to the ground.

However undeterred they continued to say:

The joy and gladness that was in the heart of the makers and the many people who smiled when they saw it – it shall last forever – this can not be stolen or vandalised.

Despite the prominent CCTV signs within the town it has been revealed that the CCTV itself is broken or set not to record. For that reason the local organisation is relying upon eye witnesses to get in touch with them or the Police to bring the perpetrators to justice.

If you know anything regarding this vandalism please contact the Penicuik Community Art Association by phoning 01968 678804 or alternatively drop by their cafe on West St beside the Belgium Consulate. The culprits will be charged by the Police for vandalising the property of the PCAA.

Whilst we await an official response from PCAA, you can view a video of the craftbombing below, alternatively click here for the gallery.