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Wimpey Are Still Coming

Taylor Wimpey have reassured us that they will be starting construction as soon as possible.

The housebuilder has told us that they aim to start construction of 458 dwellings by the end of Summer. Wimpey intend to start earlier than this but due to delays relating to signing a legal document they have altered their timeline. The section 75 legal document will allow Wimpey to build on the land in return for funding of local infrastructure upgrades etc. It is said that this agreement between the council and Wimpey will include deals regarding education in which the housebuilder will pay to upgrade Mauricewood Primary to accommodate the influx of additional pupils from the development north of Greenlaw Mains 1. Other contributions are set to include the signalisation of the Mauricewood Road and A701 T-junction along with the construction of a new three arm roundabout connecting Mauricewood and the A702. However it is believed that minimal contributions will be made to the local economy as Wimpey  intend to include a small commercial zone within a later phase of Greenlaw Mill.

The social and affordable housing provision may have already been agreed on; around 87 social dwellings are planned. However in light of new applications around Penicuik for additional social housing developments this may have been reduced after the local community council feared that Greenlaw Mill could become a ‘ghetto’.

Wimpey did tell us that they had submitted an additional ten applications for remedial work however these are under question:

Taylor Wimpey had lodged ten planning applications with Midlothian Council, which if approved, would allow Taylor Wimpey the opportunity to start minor preparation works prior to the formal legal agreement being resolved. This approach would allow Taylor Wimpey to access the site and begin advance preparation works, however these applications are being reconsidered by Taylor Wimpey and may no longer be necessary.

So in summary, you may see some works happening on the site however until the legal document is signed, there will not be any new houses starting full construction.