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Sold! (Finally)

Penicuik’s former Post Office has been sold to two local community trust members.

The Pen-Y-Coe Press has been sold to Roger and Ulla Hipkin for an undisclosed sum.

The two members of Penicuik Community Development Trust aim to continue operating the store but with some major changes. Some of these changes could include selling local fruit and vegetables as well as numerous books and specialist types of paper. A Café may also be included however it would be subject to a feasibility study.

It is hoped that the purchase by two PCDT members may lead to increased publication of their work including that of Penicuik’s Lost Garden that could soon be part of a Beechgrove Garden initiative that will also heighten awareness as well as bring a greater tourist market to the area. Tourism may also form quite a large part of the store’s plans as it has been said that the building may also incorporate a Tourism information centre.

Pen-Y-Coe Press has been sold after its current owners chose to retire after many years of service operating the store as well as publishing the Town Crier. The Town Crier is continuing publication although it has been modernised and printed in colour.

If you have any ideas for the new Pen-Y-Coe Press please contact the PCDT through any of the methods suggested on their website.