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Taylor Wimpey Reveal Plans, Sort of

The Penicuik Cuckoo can reveal that Taylor Wimpey plan 438 houses and 81 apartments at their Greenlaw Mill Development.

Breaking News: Plans have appeared online that suggest the housing company plan 519 residential units at Greenlaw Mains, more as this develops but continue to read below for the previous article.

We can now exclusively reveal that the 13 February will be the day that Taylor Wimpey will reveal their plans to Penicuik Community Coucncil. First they will show their plans in a meeting with Penicuik Community Council and after this meeting the plans will be submitted. The general public will have access to the plans via the council’s planning portal around seven days after this.

We have also discovered that on plans relating to the boundary of the site, there is what seems to be a road connecting to the A701. Whether this is permanent or temporary to allow access during construction works, we aren’t sure but it is a road or path of some sort. Continuing on the same matter Taylor Wimpey have said that they plan to upgrade the T-Junction at Mauricewood/Edinburgh Road. The preferred upgrade is to traffic lights as a roundabout would not sort traffic problems due to the nature of the junction. So we’ll have to wait another two weeks (one for some) to see the latest plans.