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Another Indecent Exposure Raises Questions

A 17 Year Old Girl has been left shaken after a man exposed himself in a public underpass.

The incident occurred between 6:20pm and 7pm yesterday in an underpass crossing from Greenlaw Mains under the A702 to Beeslack Community High School.

The girl had just got off a bus and was walking through the underpass when a man (who was walking in the opposite direction) stopped and revealed himself to the female. He then turned round and walked off. The 17 year old continued  home where her family comforted her before calling the POLICE.

The incident has shown similarities to a case in May this year when another female was exposed to in woodland near a bus stop on the A702 begging the question whether this ordeal was carried out by the same person.

The POLICE are asking for anyone who was in the area around this time to contact them or Crimestoppers with more information. Women are being advised to remain vigilant and to take necessary precautions.