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Winter Scheme Launched

We all know Winter is fast approaching and a new scheme sets to combat the uncertainty that comes with it.

Let’s Keep Penicuik Moving this Winter was launched last year to keep the public aware during and before periods of severe weather. The initiative uses social media sites to quickly spread the word if severe weather is forecasted. It also issues alerts in accordance with the MetOffice and, two leading meteorological services.

This year the scheme, which is run by the Pen-Y-Cog Group, will escalate by expanding its services to email and mobile phones. It is offering a free text alert service if severe winter weather is foreseen within the following 24-48 hours (the accurate period of forecasting). Thomas Scott managing director of the Pen-Y-Cog Group told us the following:

As a local resident I’m more than aware that a winter in Penicuik can be difficult for the community and hopefully with our free services we will be able to offer people the peace of mind that they reserve during the winter months. Even since last year technology has advanced and because of this we’re able to go above and beyond what we did successfully last winter.

Other new features include a Twitter map in which people can report snow, grit box refills or road closures. Simply by tweeting either to @PenicuikSnow or tweeting using #penicuiksnow, your “report” will be added and promptly shared. They have also launched a public information website [here] that is bursting with information should Penicuik be hit with a 2010 style winter.