Community Clean Ups to Commence

As Spring arrives, it’s that time of year again to make the town presentable.

A local man, Chris Leavy, is again organising a series of community litter picks to help tidy up the unsightly waste that blights areas of greenery throughout Penicuik.

One such area is the woodland between Beeslack Community High School and Eastfield Farm Road. Passed by, or through, by school children and other locals, the space is frequented with common littering, the majority of which appears to be deposited during school lunch hours. Last year in excess of one hundred plastic Tesco ‘deli counter chicken’ bags were collected, alongside an assortment of bottles and wrappers. However some larger, flytipped, items were also recovered including a vacuum cleaner and roadwork barrier.

This woodland is in a similar state again this year and to clean it up, a litter pick will be held at 9:30am on Saturday 5 March. Those attending should meet at the Tesco Penicuik car park where they can collect the necessary equipment to complete the activity. Warm and water proof clothing should be worn.

Further community litter picks will be undertaken by various local schools and by the Army. In addition to this, Mr Leavy has also organised three additional community litter picks as follows:

  1. 16 April 9:30am – Penicuik Estate
  2. 23 April 9:30am – Beeslack Woods
  3. 7 May 9:30am – Cuikenburn – Meet 9:30am at YMCA car park.

The Cuckoo will be attending the Beeslack pick and would appreciate as much support as possible. It may not have been caused by us but as a community it is our duty to keep our town tidy whilst uniting in condemnation of those behind the crime.

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